Friday, August 2, 2013

After the water spout, Eastpoint

After the water spout, Eastpoint
Oils 24" x 30"
This is a recently finished studio painting, based on sketches and photos from the plein air event in Florida. The early morning light was glorious and I had just finished painting the oyster boats facing towards the sun when I turned around and saw this subject right behind me! I wasn't able to paint it at the time but I thought it would make a perfect subject for my venture into studio paintings.

I started off with thin turpsy glazes of colour. I do enjoy doing more of this thinner work in a studio painting, because you have the luxury of being able to walk away and let it dry in between layers. 

The beginnings

Soon after establishing the mid tones and darks I wanted to put the sky colour in to get a better idea of how it would all be working together. The sky had to be dark enough to eventually show off that white side of the building that was lit by the rising sun.

Moving on
Nearly there
From then on it was a case of building up the darks and the lights, until the painting said what I wanted to say. I did at the last minute decide to add a figure and a car, but tried not to make them stand out in an obvious way. If you didn't even notice them, that's great!


It was important to me not to go too far and add all kinds of extra details that I wouldn't be bothered with if I was painting the subject 'en plein air'. The sketchy treatment of this foreground feature probably sums it up.

'Say what you need to say in the painting then get out. There is no use chattering on after you have made your point'

I never remember who said that, but I always remember those words!


  1. Lovely painting Haidee. As much as i love your plein air paintings, More of your studio work please. All the best.

    1. Thank you Vic, the two go hand in hand I think.

  2. Very impressive Haidee, nice and fresh handling....and BIG!

    1. Thanks David. I think I'm doing fairly well at translating my plein air approach to a larger size, not feeling that something must be more 'finished' or polished just because it is on a larger scale. I'm really enjoying the adventure and transition actually. It's not something I felt I could do six months ago, how things change!

  3. Haidee, this is really great. And I like that it totally reads and could pass for done at each stage you've shown. A great value composition every time. And you're right, I didn't notice the person or the car until you pointed them out.


Thank you for your words!

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