Thursday, June 26, 2014


Limited time with wifi so just sending you a quick photo postcard! Have arrived in Staithes ready for my painting weekend with twelve lovely eager painters. Let's hope that the weather continues as it was today...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Radio interview and Pintar Rapido

Rowing club at Putney

Today I was invited along to BBC Radio Lincolnshire to be interviewed by Melvyn Prior, live on the 'Melvyn in the morning' show. It was so much fun to actually go into the radio station, as last time I did an interview via telephone about painting the pageant in 2012. This time Melvyn wanted to talk about our year living on the island as well as my latest awards.
If you'd like to, you can listen to the interview during the next seven days. The radio programme is 2 hours 59 minutes long, and if you want to just skip to my bit I come in just after the first hour.
You can listen here! 

I also wanted to tell you about an event coming up in London, called Pintar Rapido. It's on the weekend of the 19th and 20th July, and it's an exciting new annual plein air event in the UK which began last year. Hundreds of artists will be joining in (including me), on the Saturday painting in the borough of Kensington and Chelsea and on the Sunday exhibiting all the paintings at Chelsea Old Town Hall on Kings Road.
If you'd like to take part in all that excitement then you need to act quickly because the closing date to register for an artist's pass is June 30th.
It's sure to be an incredible atmosphere and a fun weekend. Find out more here :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Poppies everywhere!

Flaming June
8" x 16"
Buy it now

They are here for only a short while and when you come across a field of poppies in June they are so magical. This seems to be a good year for poppies in Lincolnshire, and these ones are only about a mile from where I live so I simply couldn't resist. 

This was one of those that almost painted itself, tripping off the brush so fluently, and in under an hour and a half my work here was done.
By the way the sky looks a much more subtle blue in the real painting than it looks in this version on my screen, and possibly on your screen too. Looks better in the progress shots below.

I took a couple of photos as I went along, as I know that many of you like to see the stages.

Sketched in with the brush, then placing of greens

A touch of red so I could see it in situ, then blocked the sky in 

Great studio for the morning :-)

Monday, June 9, 2014

A relaxed demo and the end of a great festival!

Relaxed at my demo!
Thanks to Bob Owen for the pic!

I loved everything about Patchings festival, and had a really nice last day to end on. I thoroughly enjoyed my demo in the Festival marquee in the morning, although I would have liked another half an hour (it was only one hour). It was so nice afterwards back on my stand as I continued with the still life painting and chatted to people who'd watched the demo. I must especially say hello to the lovely group of friends from Leeds!

This is how my set up looked up on the stage. My trusty cockerel looked rather lovely with the black of the marquee behind. Funny thing is I almost didn't paint him - thanks for reminding me Clare! :-)

And here's me relaxing in the afternoon with a well deserved glass of Pimms, and with me here is the fabulously talented Michele del Campo

Today I've been trying to unpack from the festival and catch up with emails and give my little dog some overdue attention and walks!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


With my prize winning painting!

Everything got more and more amazing today... my red sail painting really wanted to go out with a bang!

It's now received three prizes in as many days... I know! You're thinking 'how'?! Well today Ken Howard RA came to Patchings to help choose ten exhibitors in The Artist exhibition for the 'exhibitors award' which means they will have a group exhibition at Patchings at some point next year... and I'm one of them!

Then Ken has to choose his favourite piece in the exhibition for The Artist purchase award and... yes!! Indeed I was as surprised as you are believe me! This means that The Artist magazine will purchase my painting and it will hang in their gallery with all the previous winners of this award. For ever. :-)

So yes, I have been a bit giddy and excited today!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Festival day 2 - perfect summer's day

Plein air demo yesterday

The second day of the festival was just as busy as the first, and weather-wise it was a textbook English summer's day, really beautiful weather. That's set to change apparently as according to the weather reports we're expecting rain and hail storms today! I hope that doesn't put people off coming as there's so much to see and do, and the main marquees link together so you can keep dry with us :-)

I did a plein air demo yesterday afternoon down by the courtyard where the resident studio artists work, for an hour and a half. I had a lovely group sitting and watching too. When I brought it back to the marquee I found it a little dark so I shall probably do a few adjustments this morning.

Thanks so much Sue for being my 'right hand man' this past few days, which you do so well! X

Painting Dana on Thursday

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Festival day one, a portrait and a prize!

What a grand day! Wow, I don't have much energy left to talk but here's a quick run down... saw about 300 people on my stand (no I wasn't counting but it sure seemed like a lot of people) and I think I have demos booked for the next 22 years!
A lovely artist and Facebook friend Dana Mallon offered to pose for me this afternoon and we had a great time with lots of stopping to chat to people. Somehow I managed to get something done, and Dana is really pleased with it! 
And... I found out I won a prize! My painting 'Sails up in harbour' which you all know well right back from the original sketches in France last summer has won the Pro Arte award in The Artist/Patchings competition exhibition which opened today in the Barn gallery. Very happy!

Remember to go and visit the exhibition if you come to the festival! 

Painting Dana

Dana Mallon

Sails up in harbour wins a prize!

A box of drawing pins later...

After a day of using hundreds of drawing pins, staples and rolls of velcro my stand is almost ready!
When I get back in the morning I need to do a few bits and pieces like putting items out on the tables and switching the fairy lights on (which are wrapped around the bunting).
I've got a wall this year for unframed plein air paintings...

I'll take more photos on the first day of the festival opening. This is the huge festival marquee that I'll be doing my demo in on Sunday morning! See that huge screen at the end so that you don't miss a single brush mark?

And those naughty knitters have been yarn bombing the whole festival site... doesn't it look fabulous, rain or shine?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Patchings here we come!

New calendar and new cards

Hot off the press! Today I picked up my brand new calendars (never had a calendar made before, very excited about it!) and four new designs of greetings cards to add to my collection. Everything on my exhaustive (exhausting?) list is packed and loaded up in the car and trailer ready for setting off to Patchings art centre in the morning and setting up my stand in the painting marquee. 

Next time I'll report in with pics of my stand because by hook or by crook it will be up and running by this time tomorrow... studio away from home...

but when I arrive in the morning it's going to look like this...

Patchings festival opens on Thursday!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sparkling light, St Clements Isle

Sparkling light, St Clements Isle

I painted this en plein air in October 2013 while in Cornwall. I had to work quickly to capture the dramatic lighting effect on the sea, and the painting has such a directness and boldness as a result. I know I shouldn't have favourites but this is definitely one of my favourites :-)

I'll be bringing this one along with me to Patchings festival. Wednesday is the setting up day and I've still got a lot to get ready before then.

This last week I've been painting frames and organising my new calendar (nearly ready!) and cards, and I've also spent a good many hours organising my Daily Paintworks gallery. I use the Daily Paintworks site as another online showcase for my work. Recently there have been some beneficial changes for me and I've been able to organise my paintings into categories. Please take a look and tell me what you think!

It should now be a place you can go to if you want to see which paintings I have available and at what price. The prices are all shown in dollars but there's an easy to use currency converter. If a painting is currently for sale through a gallery I shall direct you to that gallery but am happy to act as a go-between if you'd prefer. Also, the prices shown are all unframed prices to make it easier for international postage, but if you live in the UK and would prefer it framed in a hand painted frame as shown below that's fine, just let me know.

How it looks framed.
Framed size about 20" x 20"

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