Saturday, November 19, 2016

Allotment hens

Allotment hens

Here's a change, not a November painting of the allotments but one of my very favourite paintings from late spring. Quite a difference looking at those fresh spring greens now. I had a fantastic session painting this one, I was so happy there with the hens in the sunshine listening to the radio and summer stretching out before us.

Rather a special one this, and so I saved it for the Royal Institute of Oil painters exhibition. It's one of three that I'll have on show with the ROI at the Mall Galleries. The exhibition is open from the 30th November to the 11th December and I will be painting in the gallery on the 2nd December. I'd love to see you there :-)


  1. Wonderful painting - you sure captured the sunlight ...may I say...brilliantly!

  2. It adds to the experience of seeing your lovely painting to hear your memories of that day, Haidee-Jo. I wondered if you ever find it hard to part with special paintings.

  3. I wonder, could you get allotments addicted?
    Guess when you could we are, but man that would be a skoop let alone I'll reckon there would be no known cure for it.

    Anyhow, your painting is lovely as Always. The play of light and the loosness of brushmarks is soo appealing.

    How's your book going?


Thank you for your words!

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