Monday, February 2, 2015

Across the snowy fields

Across the fields

We haven't had lots of snow this winter, but more than last year anyway which was none at all! In the couple of days of snow we had in January I had a drive around the local villages and found this wonderful view, looking across the fields outside Londonthorpe. I was particularly struck by the shape of that lovely tree halfway down the hill, and the gorgeous light effect giving warmth to its higher branches. Also how that warmth contrasted with the cool violet shadows falling across the foreground field. Gorgeous!
While I was there I saw a villager pouring salt on the icy road, another clearing a driveway with a shovel and one struggling to get his car out of a side road because of the depth of snow there. An awful lot of disruption and then within two days, there was no snow to be seen except for a frosting of ice here and there. This tends to be the way of things when snow falls in England, absolute pandemonium and then it's gone :-) 


  1. It's a beautiful sketch and I particularly like the broken railing (I know, I'm wierd that way lol). I used to live at Harrowby and often walked across to Londonthorpe so the view looks very familiar.

    1. Thanks Julie, some lovely views around Londonthorpe/Belton aren't there?

  2. This is absolutely amazing snow painting. The whole atmosphere is so beautifully captured. Just awesome !!!

  3. Brilliant painting Haidee, i love it. It is just the subject that i love, so country and so beautiful.
    All the best Haidee.

  4. Love it Haidee, especially the way you have painted the foreground, loose, colourful, vibrant, just brilliant.!
    Joy x

  5. Monet eats his heart out, .. if he was still alive.

    What an awesome piece, ... Bellyglowing!


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