Monday, February 23, 2015

Turkey at the allotments

The pens
Oils 12" x 16"

It's been a week off school and a week of birthdays and celebrations at our house. I've had little time for anything else, but it's been good fun. Great to get back to a working routine today though!

The week before I had a most enjoyable afternoon at the allotments with my friend artist Mo Teeuw. I mostly talked while she painted the view behind me and at some point in the proceedings I managed to paint this fabulous shed with the corrugated metal fencing that has seen better days. 
The turkey was a little further away and was making a big show of his feathers every time I walked near to warn me off. I thought he would make a great subject but there was nothing of interest to me in his environs. I did however like this shed, and it came with the added bonus of being within talking distance of Mo. And this was the outcome.

By the way you might like to look at Mo's blog - in January she managed to get out and paint every single day, which is no mean feat in the UK! Well done Mo x


  1. Hi Haidee-Jo - I am enjoying your allotment series very much. Bringing back memories for me.
    Thanks for the link to Mo's blog. I checked in and really like what I saw. You are both so lucky to enjoy plain air painting with each other. A gift!

  2. Thank you Julie! I don't often get to paint with other artists but love it when I can!

  3. It was a most enjoyable afternoon. I find painting with other artists very motivating and am very fortunate to be within driving distance of you Haidee. Thank you for your comments Julie.


Thank you for your words!

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