Thursday, June 5, 2014

Festival day one, a portrait and a prize!

What a grand day! Wow, I don't have much energy left to talk but here's a quick run down... saw about 300 people on my stand (no I wasn't counting but it sure seemed like a lot of people) and I think I have demos booked for the next 22 years!
A lovely artist and Facebook friend Dana Mallon offered to pose for me this afternoon and we had a great time with lots of stopping to chat to people. Somehow I managed to get something done, and Dana is really pleased with it! 
And... I found out I won a prize! My painting 'Sails up in harbour' which you all know well right back from the original sketches in France last summer has won the Pro Arte award in The Artist/Patchings competition exhibition which opened today in the Barn gallery. Very happy!

Remember to go and visit the exhibition if you come to the festival! 

Painting Dana

Dana Mallon

Sails up in harbour wins a prize!


  1. Congratulations on your prize and the portrait of Dana is lovely and lively and looks a great likeness despite all the interruptions. Enjoy the next two days. I hope the storms don't hit tomorrow.

  2. Congratulations Haidee, fab portrait, have a great time wish I could be there! X

  3. What an exciting post. Great photos! Thanks for sharing. I continue to love your work and love following your adventures. Very inspiring! Thank you.


Thank you for your words!

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