Thursday, August 15, 2013

Outgoing tide at Port Clos

Outgoing tide at Port Clos
Outgoing tide down at the port and outgoing visitors too. The people you can see in the painting are walking away from me, around the headland there and all the way to the third cale where the boat leaves the island at low tide.
I really enjoyed painting this, side by side with Lori. We climbed up on a big rock and were relatively undisturbed by onlookers up there! We remarked on how pleasant it is to paint boats when they are out of water, as they keep still for you. This is my largest painting so far this trip at 30 x 40 cms.
The day afterwards Lori was one of the people to leave the island, so now sadly I am back to painting toute seule. At least the sun is still shining!


  1. Hi Heidee,
    A lovely painting as usual. Crisp and clear. Heidee, I would love to see some of your friends paintings, has she a blog? All the best Heidee.

  2. Wonderful painting, I love what you've done with the wet sand and rocks. And I so agree about the boats out of the water. We only have them that way here in winter, usually covered by bright white plastic! Ugh.

  3. Your work just gets better and better! fantastic work! :}>


Thank you for your words!

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