Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer paradise

Sketching, painting, eating, reading and relaxing - I'm still here and still enjoying the lovely sunshine! I've been having lots of time away from the easel and also I've been tackling some tricky subjects such as this one. It's so easy to get away from it all on the island, it's like being on retreat. Having said that I am aware that my Royal Society of Marine Artists paintings were being judged in London today. Usually I'm able to more-or-less switch off until results day but not so today. One more day of wondering (agonising?) and then I'll know either way. Where has cool, calm and collected gone?! Maybe it's the heat...


  1. I really like seeing your paintings on the easel with the subject behind, kind of like being there looking over your shoulder.
    Good luck BTW

  2. Hi Heidee.
    In my opinion, this is the best painting ( almost ) that I have seen of yours. It is fantastic. But please don`t get too detail, this one is just about right. All the best, and best of luck with the RSMA.

  3. Wonderful painting, Haidee, can't wait to see a close up. I'm thinking of you and the RSMA. Very best wishes, my fingers are crossed for you. - Bobbi


Thank you for your words!

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