Sunday, August 4, 2013

Party boat!

Waiting for regatta day
Oils 10" x 12"
I forgot to show you this one also from my trip to Cornwall in July, and it's one of my favourites! You know that I have a soft spot for flags and bunting don't you? I thought this little boat looked so jaunty, showing off that colourful regalia against the dark of the harbour wall and the deep reflections in the water. I couldn't resist!
As a sort of bonus or side order, I also love the area looking out to sea in the gap between the harbour walls. There was a bit of a sparkle going on there and I spotted it!

If you would like to own this painting it is currently on show at the Scarlet hotel in Cornwall, contact Mark at the Harbour Gallery for info :-)


  1. This and the previous Sennen Cove picture are really superb. Love the light in both of them and you've caught the atmosphere in them so well. Lovely stuff!!!

    1. Thank you Kev! Can't wait to get back to Cornwall :-)

  2. All lovely paintings Haidee. I`ve seen those that are in the Cornwall gallery also. All the best.


Thank you for your words!

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