Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Magic at work

This is a bit of a teaser, as it's only a section of my painting from yesterday. I'm really struggling to get good photos, using the usual ipad/iPhone methods which is crazy as I have my brand new camera with me! Just need to knuckle down and start trying to use it :-)

This place at one side of the beach, when the tide is high and the summer sun is lowering is just sheer magic at work. Also you will see in the full painting that there is a gate leading to a hidden garden just above the rocks, which only adds to the thrill and mystery! I hope you don't mind my enthusiasm but I am in love with this scene. Needless to say I was back there tonight at the same time, and hopefully will be tomorrow too. Any day now as the tides and the weather and the sunset all change this particular magic will be gone, so I really must seize the moment!


Thank you for your words!

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