Monday, July 29, 2013

Still standing, just!

Business Design Centre, Islington 25th - 27th July 2013
All clean and ready at 9.15am on Thursday
Guess what my friends? I've nothing much to show you from the "it's all about art' event as these are the only two photos I had a chance to take!
I can tell you though that I had more than 300 people take my mini workshops over the course of the three days and everyone seemed to be having a great time in spite of the heat.
It was especially lovely to meet some of you there, thank you for coming to introduce yourself! If any of you have any photos of the workshop I'd really appreciate seeing them.

Now I'm back home, the weather has cooled a little and I've a list of to-do's to get through before heading to the île de Bréhat on Saturday to kick back and paint on the beach :-)

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  1. You are probably pooped Haidee. I know how tough these events can be. Would be good to catch up sometime. have a good few days.

    Max Hale


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