Monday, July 8, 2013

Hot in Portscatho!

Hottest day of the year!
Hope this little 'postcard from Portscatho' reaches you, I don't have access to much wifi here. I sort of have to stand on one leg in the bathroom holding my ipad above my head... anyway, trying to send a photo might be a bit too much for it!
It's a very pretty place as you can see.
I have painted down in the harbour here on Saturday evening and yesterday I managed three, of which this is one. It was so so hot all day, I couldn't have done this one without my umbrella to keep the sun a little bit removed from my head!
Later on today I'll be travelling home, via Somerset, and then I'll be able to give you more info from my trip, more pictures of paintings I've done here and even let you know how you can buy one! ;-)


  1. This one is lovely, Haidee. I enjoy seeing the spot as well as the painting. It's been terribly hot here too, such that early in the morning is the only pleasant time for painting. A far cry from our trip to France last year! Looking forward to seeing this one up close (and the others, of course!).

    1. Thanks Bobbi, yes a far cry from Douarnenez ! :-)

  2. Looks fabulous. Been very hot here on the north coast of Scotland - wish I could say the same about my plein air painting efforts. I've started to do one everyday, currently on day 7!

    1. Well done Angela, it will get easier! Hope you are enjoying it :-)


Thank you for your words!

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