Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mini Mousehole exhibition!

Mini Mousehole exhibition
Well I spent yesterday evening and this morning painting frames and framing up my Mousehole work here in the artist's studio I am staying at. It looks not a bad little show for three days work. There are several other paintings that didn't really cut the mustard but I'm happy with this lot and have lots of ideas to take back for future studio works. It's a bit of a shame neither of the cameras I brought with me are working though! I have missed taking a load of great photos.
Anyway I am now packing and heading off to beautiful Portscatho to see what treasures await me there...

(Strange thing happened last night, two badgers ran right past me! Literally, right past my legs and boy were they fast! I've never seen badgers up close and personal before, and they pant like dogs when they run!)


  1. I can smell the sea, fresh fish and you are doing doing so well
    with Mousehole pics love them all good luck with your next stop .

  2. Love that place, but never know where to start...there's always so much to paint! Just one thing, what are you having for breakfast in the mornings? your output is outrageous Haidee

  3. I think you have been very productive, love the one in the green frame

  4. 3 days work? Would have taken me 3 months! ;)
    Great paintings as usual, hope you enjoy Portscatho.

  5. Love your paintings of Mousehole


Thank you for your words!

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