Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Painting pilchards in Cornwall

Fairmaids of Mousehole

Weather is a bit miserable at the moment down here in the south west of Cornwall! I got a small plein air piece painted yesterday in between showers but I wasn't very pleased with it. After lunch I had a drive around hoping to find a spot out of the wind and rain, but ended up buying these pilchards and painting a still life.


  1. Lovely, Haidee-Jo!!! I have never painted fish, but this makes me want to. Just beautifully done!

  2. Well I love your pilchards Haidee - you can't always come right with plein air, nine times out of ten you always do tho.
    Well done - hopefully soon we'll be displaying such things!!!
    xxx Jane

  3. saw your fish via DailyPaintWorks - beautiful painting!

  4. Sorry Haidee about the weather after driving all that way, hopefully it will improve very soon!! But I love the pilchards they look so fat and good enough to eat! :-) x


Thank you for your words!

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