Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fountain in the Cantina square

Fountain in the square
Just a quiet little painting this one and a memory of a really enjoyable afternoon. Believe it or not the white wall on the right really was that curved, or so it seemed to me anyway!  I could probably check that with photo reference. I really loved the simple tiled water fountain and the intrigue of the dark doorway contrasted with the brightness outside in the square. 
That blob to the left of the door is supposed to be a dog but that doesn't come across! There was also a cat or two milling around.
The moped on the right hand side was actually yellow but before I got any of the yellow bits painted it left the courtyard.

And isn't this the cutest photo? It's me and painter Mo Teeuw with a few local children who entertained us with antics while we were painting in this square! Many thanks for the great photo Eric Davis.

Me and Mo Teeuw with some of the locals


  1. Your compositions are always so good. This one sure is. I love the picture with the children. Conveys what it's like to paint in a welcoming community.


Thank you for your words!

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