Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Channelling Olympia

I had a long and tiring day yesterday in London but it was great to have the opportunity to paint in the Winsor & Newton studio with members and friends of the Royal Institute of Oil painters. We had a lovely model called Jess, who posed for two sessions for us. I toned my panel and paper (this one is on Arches huile paper) the day before with a thin greenish grey, which worked really well underneath the skin tones. In fact it worked really well as the skin tones in a lot of places which I've exploited here.
This pose was very interesting for it's foreshortening on the legs, her feet coming out towards me. The model was lit by a lamp for this one as well as the natural daylight from the window. Notice the cool daylight on places such as her left hand and the warm light closest to the lamp on her face and left arm. Also there was some reflected light bouncing off the white wall behind her. I wish I had more opportunity to paint from the life model but there isn't anywhere locally where I can join in with a group. I'm just so grateful for all the years I was able to have weekly and twice weekly life sessions for four years while studying and several years more at the Nottingham Society of Artists studio.
This pose reminded us of Manet's Olympia!
I've barely had time to look at my Staithes paintings yet.


  1. These are beautiful, Haidee! I particularly like the way you used the green. We are lucky here in suburban Boston to have a couple of life drawing and painting venues.

    I just read Lori Putnam's blog post about her visit with you on Isle de Brehat, very cool.

  2. Bonjour,

    J'aime beaucoup ces deux peintures que vous nous dévoilez... Je les trouve très sensuelles et délicates... La lumière est effectivement bien apportée et crée un contraste très intéressant avec les ombres.

    Gros bisous


Thank you for your words!

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