Thursday, October 10, 2013

Staithes rooftops at sunset

Staithes rooftops at sunset 8" x 10"
I did a lot of walking in Staithes, it's a place where you're either walking uphill or downhill in any direction. After one uphill walk I found this great view as the sun was starting to set. I loved the sky and this view over the rooftops of the village. Behind me here was a bench overlooking the sea.
If you've ever tried painting at sunset you will know that everything changes at an alarming rate! I knew I would only have an hour at most.
After an hour of painting I packed away and clambered back down the hill and it was really dark and cold down there when I got there. I had a lovely meal with friends waiting for me though :-)
I'd love to paint here in summer and have a longer painting day.

The high viewpoint looking over the village

The painting when I stopped on site
This is how the painting looked after the session and came back with me. I still liked the concept but wasn't satisfied it was finished so when it was dry I painted a blue/green glaze all over every part of the painting except the sky. This had the effect I wanted of tying the land mass together, unifying everything and providing more tonal contrast with the bright sky. Some of the building roofs and walls got a bit too gloomy though so when the glaze was dry a couple of days later I painted those bits back in and also lightened parts of the sky and I'm happy with it now, yet unfortunately I've given you a rather poor photograph again!

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