Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Big red onwards and upwards

Stage 5

So as I said yesterday at the end of stage 4 I thought I wasn't far off finished, but still I continued. I next wanted to get those cream coloured sails really clean and bright in places, and for that I used a mix of naples yellow light and white. I had made those reflections of the sails (both the red and 'white') much darker too. Pow! The light was really starting to show now.

Detail at stage 5

Stage 6

I began to think about placing figures, although got off to a faltering start at first and scraped them off. At least I had a better idea of where I was going to place them then. I also defined the sky area. And I had fun putting those little Breton flags in!

Stage 7

You can see that in stage 7 it was the turn of the background buildings to get a little attention. From the general wishy-washy darkness I started to pick out structure and details. I continued with that in the Stage 8 pic shown below.

Stage 8

Detail at stage 9

Figures started to go in and by now I was really near to being happy it was finished. Hope you've enjoyed watching the build up. Next time I'll show you the completed painting!


  1. It's absolutely fascinating, being able to follow the progress of this picture Haidee, not to mention very educational. It's very generous of you to make this knowledge available to the rest of us who are still working on our basic skills and trying to learn. I'm not able to access courses or workshops so this sort of post is very valuable, I appreciate it very much. Thank you!!

    1. Thank you Kev, really glad you are benefitting from seeing the progress :-)


Thank you for your words!

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