Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Duke of York square

Saturday market, Duke of York square
Oils 22" x 24" SOLD

It was a fun and exhausting (and at times a little crazy!) weekend at the Pintar Rapido event in London. 501 artists were registered to take part in the painting event, although I think around 400 turned up on the day. Many may have been put off by the weather reports.. we were expecting constant rain and thunderstorms on Saturday! In the event we didn't have a single drop of rain and it was a gorgeous day. Many of my friends did what  I did and carried a large umbrella around all day, which wasn't needed after all.
So on the Saturday you registered in the morning and had your blank canvas stamped, and then you were able to paint outside anywhere you wanted within the borough of Kensington and Chelsea. I wanted to capture the life and action of the city on a hot summer weekend, and so I headed to the market in Duke of York square.

There certainly was plenty of life there! I chose a challenging subject and worked on a really large scale at 22" x 24". It was a lot to tackle in a day, with constant interruptions when I explained to spectators what Pintar Rapido was and why they were seeing artists with easels everywhere they went!
I was really drawn to the light coming through the orange sheeting at the back of the Sushi stall, and the light glancing along the tops of the market stall canopies.
The figures had to be placed very quickly, and painted mostly from memory. I'm really pleased that I managed to get a Chelsea pensioner in, walking towards me with his blue peaked cap.
It was such a special moment in the day when I met a couple who had come down from Lincoln especially to see the Sunday exhibition because they follow my blog and had read about the event. If you are reading this I'm so sorry I didn't get to see you on Sunday, but I really am touched that you came. 

I ended up packing away my kit in a rush at 7.00 pm, and had to get back to the Old Town Hall to get my painting framed and handed in before 8.00pm. It was a crazy scene when I got there, artists everywhere rushing to get their paintings framed, with tools, frames, glass etc covering every surface and most of the floor. It was hard to find a clear patch of floor to get mine framed and at the end of all that I was completely shattered and made my way gradually back to the hotel.

This is my painting hanging in the exhibition the next day, and I'm pleased that it sold. It was lovely to see all the different paintings and all the artists assembled together. Unfortunately it was exceedingly hot inside the exhibition and there were no refreshments, so I had to keep going out for a drink and fresh air. 
Apart from that it was a great event, well organised and a chance to catch up with lots of painting friends and I hope I can do it again one day.


  1. Brilliant, I know I should have come along and had a go! Really love the painting BTW. The composition and colour balance for me is spot on!

  2. Haidee-Jo, You didn't take any photos of your painting while you were working on it, did you? I would love to see your layout, and your thought process. And a huge hats off to you for showing patience with onlookers while you're trying to get your painting done.
    Chris Hagan

  3. It must have been exhausting for you Haidee, with the rushing around, it`s not for me i`m afraid. too much for my age. Lovely painting and i`m glad you sold it. All the best Haidee.

  4. Well done! I like very much the way you painted the people in it, they give life to the painting. I can't believe that painters had to frame their work before handing it in! In Spanish competitions of "Pintura rĂ¡pida" this doesn't happen, and the scene that you describe of the last hour must be nerve-wracking after a tense countdown day- painting!

    1. Thanks Michele! It was strongly suggested by the organisers that we frame our work, as I think the visitors commented last year that the exhibition would look better if all the work was framed. Most of the work was framed this year and it did look good - easier to hang also I should think! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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