Monday, September 10, 2012

Late summer, North heath lane

Late summer, north heath lane
Oil on panel 24 x 30cms
I can't remember the last time I had a day at home in my studio - and enjoyed it as much as I have today!
With a lot of patient consideration (something I'm working on because it doesn't come naturally!) I finished this one that I painted in the lane on Friday. I'm afraid this photo lets it down because it's played down the warmth - the field on the right is much more of a warm gold than the yellow it looks here. I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out and I don't think I've spoiled it with the extra twiddling!
I've also done some radical work on a commission so I'm in a kind of scary 'it will look a lot worse before it gets better' kind of scenario! And I'm still workshop planning. This Wednesday's drawing workshop will be exciting!
Also I received such a lovely letter from Newark Art Club to thank me for my demonstration last week. It made my day! :-)
Thought you might like to see these too...

The SAA Paint magazine's latest edition with my Oilbar article

Little piece about my Pro Arte award in September's The Artist magazine.
I haven't ordered any of my new brushes yet!
Looking forward to it!


  1. I love this painting! The composition is so strong. The barn is a great balance for the path, and the light is beautiful. I still love the shadows. Well done, Haidee! Thanks for showing us both the interim and the finished work. I do wish I could read the top article, looks quite interesting.

    1. Thank you Bobbi, I felt the composition was a little daring with the central trees being almost bang in the middle! I'd like to take more risks with composition - there's something else for me to work on! :-)

  2. I enjoyed the post very much. Your painting is fantastic. I managed to read the piece on oil sticks and congratulations on your bit in the magazine.

    1. Thank you Julie. Your new studio looks great! :-)

  3. Beautriful painting Haidee. All the best.


Thank you for your words!

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