Monday, September 24, 2012

Assington Mill allotments

Allotments in the rain at Assington Mill

Painting the English longhorn cattle

I had a great day yesterday at the beautiful Assington Mill, an organic farm in Suffolk. If you live anywhere near you must take a look at all the exciting day courses which they offer, and if you don't live near you can consider staying for a few days there in the delightful Mill cottage!  
It was really great to meet online friend the professional artist Roy Connelly, have a look at his blog if you don't already know his stunning landscape work.
In the morning I was able to paint the cattle, they kindly waited in position until I had finished! When I packed away Mabel, they all got up and walked off!
It started raining about 12.30 and didn't stop after that. Luckily though there were barns we could stand in to paint after a delicious home cooked lunch in the farmhouse kitchen. I was thrilled to discover that one end of the large teaching room had huge wooden doors which opened to reveal the allotments! Heaven! Painting in the dry with coffee and toilets constantly available, and a view like that! 
I didn't quite get it finished, as you can probably guess by looking at the foreground and the row of cabbages on the right hand side which looks like a solid clump of blue at the moment but I am pleased with it and think it deserves just a little extra work. Very pleased with the cows too, but I can't manage to get a good photo of it, probably because it's so dark today. 
The two and a half hour drive home in the dark and pouring rain was pretty horrid, but it was worth it for a great day's painting in excellent company and a beautiful setting.


  1. The allotments are going to be super (sort of reminds me of your Field of Daisies, which I love so much, now on view on my desk). Can't wait to see those cabbages, and I love the bean poles (or maybe they are growing hops?). And look at you, painting those cows! We have some pretty belted cattle from Scotland here in Maine, perhaps we can paint them when you visit. I doubt they will be as cooperative though...

    1. Yes it is like 'daisies' really isn't it, but without the sunshine! Definitely keen to give your scottish cattle a go...


Thank you for your words!

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