Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hemswell antique centre

Work in progress at the antique centre
Today was different and fun! My friend Chris who sells antiques (Corelli antiques) in various venues invited me to paint in one of her units at Hemswell antiques centre. I love busy interior subjects! Quite a challenge with so many objects and the darkness of the room contrasted with the light of the window, so I started with a fairly accurate pen drawing about the same size that the painting would be. Then we went for coffee!
Then painted, then had lunch, then painted some more. I had to stand in the corridor outside looking into the room. I couldn't step back to check progress often as I had a wall and a fire extinguisher behind me!

Mabel in the corridor

Chris' other unit - another great painting!

And look what I came home with ... a vintage cash register! When you open the cash drawer a bell rings, and it is adorable! Paper feeds through a hole in the top so that receipts could be handwritten. I love it, and I'll be bringing it with me to Patchings festival next year!

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  1. This scene reminds me of you painting the dining room in the hotel in Douarnenez, which was such fun. And a clever response to the incessant rain. Nice start here, love the jumble of items, and all that light on the top of the dresser, the side of the lamp, etc.


Thank you for your words!

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