Thursday, September 27, 2012

Galley hill and brush prize!

Galley hill allotments

back to the allotments today

Finding your style workshop went really well yesterday, I think everyone left with a clearer idea of where their passions lie and how they can start to move from where they are now towards producing the paintings they want to be making. 
Today I got back to the allotments to finish this painting. It was so much warmer than Tuesday, with no rain or wind. Soon after I started I spotted this really great break in the clouds which I think adds a lot to the piece. I wondered afterwards whether I'd gone too far and overworked it, and I've been unsure of the composition too. 
After a few hours reflection though, I've decided I like it rather a lot! :-)

I'm afraid the photo isn't brilliant again!

Look at this and imagine my excitement - my Pro Arte brush prize arrived yesterday! That's 62 brushes!
I am such a lucky girl :-)

In case you are new to my blog and you are wondering, I won this prize for my painting 'Working from the model' in The Artist/Patchings exhibition this June. You can read about it here :-)


  1. I love it, the light and the colour. It just so alive with atmosphere. My allotment never looked that good. And all those brushes, there are too many for one person. What heaven!!

    1. Thank you Sheila, I know I'm a lucky girl! Wonder when I'll next need to buy a brush?!

  2. Great painting of an allotment, I love them, the smell, colours and the general shabbyness of them, never know where to start when I'm going to paint in one, it's like overload with good stuff. Photo looks fine BTW

  3. I now know You can make anything look good! Lucky brush lady too! Well done, and loving all your paintings.

    Joy UK


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