Friday, August 3, 2012

Enniscorthy and moonlit madness

We were in Enniscorthy today for our paint-out, a really pretty town. This morning I was in Michael Richardson's workshop by the side of the river here. It was about putting space and depth in a painting. Again I tried to stick to large masses. You're right, if you're thinking that is sunlight you can see! How lucky!! What a nice change!
I also tried to use the most saturated hues, the warmest colours, and the most tonal (value) contrast in the foreground. I am rather pleased with it, although it was a very simple scene there was a lot of thought behind it!
After a lovely lunch at the Riverside Park hotel I went towards the town and painted a completely different, complicated subject. I'll have to show you that another day as I forgot to take photos and I didn't leave there until about 7.30, to drive quickly to Wexford where some of the festival artists were going to take part in a sunset/ moonlit paint out.
I'm not sure what made me summon up the energy (you may call it foolhardiness) to get parked up and drag my kit out again. I started with a sort of pale dusky lilac sky which got darker and darker (as is usually the way between 8 & 10pm) as I desperately tried to keep up until I could no longer see the canvas. Which was a blessing, actually. :-)


  1. You totally got it, I see the depth of the far trees, and the bank is closer than the middle trees, well done! The colors are lovely. Wish I'd been there to get some instruction from our friend Michael as well. And thank goodness for sunlight, you guys deserve it.

    1. We were lucky with the sunshine! Thanks Bobbi! :-)

  2. Wow I just love this one, the colours in the water are magic!


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