Friday, August 24, 2012

Sketches of Bréhat

It's been a funny few days. I found out the news that none of my four that were pre-selected for the Royal Society of Marine Artists have made it into the exhibition. That was a disappointment, but it only makes me more determined to do better work and keep focussing on my goals. I'll get there one day!
Besides, I have lots of other exciting things in the pipeline!
Other happier news- it seems everyone has loved my painting of 'Evening bathers', thanks so much to everyone who's told me so!
I had a surprise message from a French mother (unknown to me) who told me her little girl was disappointed not to see me during their annual holiday to Bréhat this year- I had no idea! It seems I am something of a tourist attraction!
I also found that I'm mentioned in a review about the Ireland plein air festival on the USA's Plein Air magazine's (which is an amazing magazine by the way) website. Try this link (fingers crossed!)

If you get there, make sure you watch the video too, although what I'm talking about I'm not quite sure...

I thought I'd show you a few sketches I've been doing this week. I'm also halfway through a large painting of Milly, which I'll show you soon :-)


  1. Haidee, so sorry about the RSMA, I really thought your paintings would be chosen. But the pre-selection is a good indication of where you can go in the future. Here's to next year!

    These sketches are wonderful, looking forward to seeing some of them as paintings.

  2. Yes bad luck about RSMA, next time! Loved the video by the way, it looked like a lot of fun, and the weather didn't dampen anyone's spitit. Lookin out the window at the rain here this morning (I'm in UK) so painting watercolours indoors I think...

    1. Thanks Nigel, glad you liked the video! You should make it over to Wexford for the festival one day! :-)

  3. Thats rubbish about the RSMA! I loved the ones I saw in your Nottingham Exhibition, they had such atmosphere and colour. Their Loss!!

    1. Aah, thanks Sheila! It's definitely worth striving for and I'll never stop! I'm all guns blazing for next year now! X


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