Friday, August 17, 2012

Back on Bréhat!

We're back on the beautiful Ile de Bréhat, and as you can see it's agapanthus season!
I was very lucky to be able to paint here today. Our friends own this land and grow lots of different varieties of agapanthus.
There are hundreds, thousands of tourists enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery of Bréhat at the moment. I was rather glad to be on private land, because the nearest people could stand and watch was around five metres away, and I could happily pretend they weren't there most of the time! In my own personal corner of paradise!
I had quite a task trying to simplify the subject. There's a detail photo below. I had to really concentrate on the large value masses - what's light? What's dark? How does it all fit together?
Far more important than trying to get individual petals and leaves down accurately!
On the left at the back you can just see the 'moulin du nord', which is now a rather nifty holiday home, unlike the 'moulin du sud' near our house, which is an abandoned ruin.
I'm sorry the photo isn't very clear, I'll change it at some point when back in the UK. Blogging from my phone here.


  1. Haidee,

    Quel surprise, to hit reload on your blog and see a new post even before the email comes out. Yeah!

    What a gorgeous painting. I love your compositions, thanks for showing us the photo so we can see the simplification and what you've moved and focused on. So very nice. And of course, the colors are wonderful and the values are perfect, another Haidee gem (and a big one too!).

    You are making me want to visit your Brehat (but maybe not while all the tourists are there...).


    1. Thank you Bobbi, you will love Bréhat! The island is full of people throughout August, but that's also the time of the agapanthus flowers! X

  2. You captured the magnificient view beautifully! Since seeing Monet's Agapathus-paintings years ago, I've had a paricular interest for this flower and have several varieties in the garden, but this view just is beyond belief, so fantastic! I marked Ile de Bréhat as a future holiday destination :)

    1. I don't think you would regret it Rodney! Let me know if you are coming! :-)

  3. Simply beautiful - I've been at a show this weekend, first time with people watching me paint - it takes some getting used to!

    1. Thank you, you will get used to it Angela! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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