Thursday, February 13, 2014

Boat sheds at Brancaster

Boat sheds at Brancaster
16" x 20"

I think the addition of a couple of figures in the background not only lends a sense of scale to the proceedings but also a sort of 'story' which I seem to consider more when studio painting, rightly or wrongly.
With additional work on the trees and grasses I was pleased to decide the painting was finished. (Rather feels like a boat launch but without the bottle of champagne being broken against it!)

Although I've spent lots of time and thought and paint layers on this one I'm hopeful that it still looks fresh and not laboured, and glad I've managed a decent variety of marks too with some areas of the paint being left thin and bare and others more impasto.  The photo above is just an iPad shot as it's a little too dark for trying a decent photo but it gives you the idea, and here are a few 'closer-ups'.


  1. I've enjoyed following your progress with this painting and for me it sings with light and captures the atmosphere of the scene. The addition of the shadow on the barn and the figures works well and I like your treatment of the grasses.

  2. It's great watching the paintings emerge step by step, thanks for sharing!
    Is this generally how you work - making plein-air sketches, then from those, final pieces in the studio?
    When you exhibit, do you show only work finished in the studio?


Thank you for your words!

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