Friday, February 28, 2014

End of a perfect day, Sennen beach

End of a perfect day, Sennen beach

Here's my latest Cornwall painting which I'll be taking down next week to the Harbour Gallery.  Fingers crossed for some good painting weather from Monday onwards! I'm really pleased with this as it's hard to keep the freshness with a studio painting. Also it's a perfect reminder of longer, warmer days to come.
Here are some photos taken as I went along...

Early stage,  love the abstract patterns made by the receding tide and rocks on the beach
Right back at this early stage just about everything was already said. I just needed to add the warmth from the setting sun.

At this stage I stopped to think about where to place figures
And then it was a case of adding figures, to give the painting human interest and a sense of scale. I looked back at reference photos and had a think about where best to place them.

With figures to give a sense of scale and story

This could be on your mantlepiece soon!
Just over 16" x 20" framed
This painting is available now for £595 from Mark at the Harbour Gallery. Give him a call if you'd like to snap it up on 01872 580807  :-)


  1. This one is a beauty! Love the way you have captured the shine on the water.


Thank you for your words!

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