Thursday, January 30, 2014

What I did at the day spa

Ok I have a confession to make - on my day off at the spa I did rather a lot of sketching. There, I feel better now that we've got that out in the open. 

Also I haven't planned my local workshops yet, apologies if you are waiting for the list I will get on to it soon.

On the plus side, tax return is complete- yay! And most of the sold paintings from the exhibition have now been delivered and posted to their new homes. The kitchen is now free from polystyrene sheets, bubble wrap, brown paper and tape.

And I've discovered how to use Pinterest ....finally! Why didn't you tell me how much fun that is? So nice to have a place to gather all your favourite paintings, like an ever expanding notebook! Look me up if you're on there and then I will be able to follow your boards. Fun!


  1. Fantastic! Love these sketches and you have used them as the basis for your friends relaxing oil sketches. When I saw them they reminded me of the Edouard Manet and Monet paintings of women in vast white crinolines in a garden under dappled shade. ( For crinolines read fluffy towelling robes). You are an inspiration Haidee-Jo!

    1. Thanks Ann, I think you know exactly where I'm coming from- we must be on the same wavelength :-)

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