Friday, January 10, 2014

Exhibition portraits day two!

Another portrait, another busy day at the gallery and a few more paintings sold! Have had well over 200 visitors now, so as you can imagine that means a whole lot of talking. I'm really pleased with how I've managed to get on and produce a portrait with the many, many distractions - albeit good distractions! Luckily Eileen wasn't in a hurry and was extremely patient and we were both pleased with the result achieved.
I'm afraid the photo flattens the colours and brushstrokes a bit and you can't quite see the painterly qualities. If Eileen gets a better photo in daylight I'm sure she will be happy for me to post it on the blog.
Somebody was asking where the models are coming from and I can tell you that they have all arranged and booked in their day, since seeing my plea on here a few weeks before Christmas. There are eight more days and eight more models.
I haven't managed to get the whole exhibition online yet but it won't be long and I'll let you know as soon as I do :-)

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