Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Exhibition portraits day five

Me painting Ant painting me painting...

Well today was a little different because my portrait model of the day wasn't just being painted, he was painting me too! It was a little bit more of a challenge but lots of fun and turned out well. We had about two hours of painting time but with distractions of course. Luckily it was quieter in the gallery today for visitors :-)
I have five more days of my exhibition here in Nottingham left to run, and five more portraits to paint.
The whole exhibition is now on my website and will only be there until the end of the month, click here to view.

First stage - sketching out in raw umber

Second stage - adding colour
I was really quite pleased with the result, and the best fun was painting the moustache! Here is Ant's acrylic portrait of me, I love it! To see more of Ant's work have a look at his blog by clicking here.

Ant's portrait of me

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  1. Fabulous exhibition (alas, I can only view it online as I am so far away!) and you are so productive! Love the portrait each idea and the results are great. What's more you've sold quite a few too- so good luck with the remainder of the exhibition. x


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