Thursday, May 9, 2013

TV show and student art day!

Me and Sarah and her painting
Another busy day here in Florida! We got up extremely early (4am) for our breakfast tv appearance on channel seven!
The filming took place at the welcome centre in Port St Joe, and as well as the three of us painting and being interviewed about the plein air event there was live music from a group of school children. I completed a painting while we were there, after the sun came up so that we could see the view that is!
We went from there to Eastpoint for the student art day. This is such a good event, where students from the local schools are each assigned an artist from the festival to tutor them while they paint for a couple of hours. They also receive lots of art goodies to take home with them. Then we all have a fabulous lunch together! This is my very talented student Sarah and her beautiful painting! Their paintings are framed and will be heading over to Port St Joe to join ours on display in the wetroom.
We left after lunch and headed over to the boatyard at Carrabelle to paint. I was really involved in a 8" x 16" of a couple of boats which took me far longer than it should have but I intend to frame it and take it along to the exhibition. At first it was cloudy but then the sun came out and I was ridiculously hot at times, standing in the full sun!
Amazingly I managed to muster up some more energy and went over to the comfort of a shaded area to finish off a painting of the boat called 'Jennifer Mitch' that I was painting here a couple of days ago. It didn't need much but it was great to just look at it again in the same light conditions and notice a few little changes.
We are now having an overnight sleepover at a pretty little cottage in Carrabelle before heading back towards Mexico beach tomorrow.


  1. I love the identity tag in the photo with the student!

    1. I wore my ID tag all week, and my easel had one too! Everything was so well planned!

  2. It sounds like a very exciting event, I'm really enjoying your posts! Getting ready for my annual expo he in the UK ...hope the rain stops! Think a few days painting in Florida would be a good idea right now!!

    Keep up the good work and good posts

    1. Thanks Nigel, I hope your expo is going down a storm - I'm sure it will be! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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