Friday, May 10, 2013

Heading back from Carrabelle

Afternoon light at the marina, Mexico beach 
This morning we left Carrabelle early and spotted a fabulous scene to paint in Eastpoint, of men on their oyster boats. I'll look forward to showing you that one another day, it was a challenge but really enjoyed it.
After a late breakfast I painted a produce stall by the side of the road near Apalachicola (and the vendor and a dog which keeps him company).
I really enjoyed it, absolutely loved the subject and had lots of passers by stopping to chat.
I didn't get it finished though with having only limited time, careful 'drawing in' stage and lots of chatting, so my big plan for tomorrow is to go back.
We then returned to Mexico beach for our painting demo afternoon where I painted this one at the Marina. I was attracted to the bright reflections of the boats and also the clouds.


  1. Haidee this is such a wonderful and interesting event in a beautiful place. I love these boats and the colours and the reflections you have captured. My favourite work is the early morning light in the Mexico Beach Marina. I always love your boats!! :-)

    1. Thanks Sheila! Nice to paint boats in the sunshine again!


Thank you for your words!

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