Monday, May 6, 2013

Artists painting on the beach

Greg La Rock and others painting on the beach
Yesterday afternoon lots of us were gathered on the beach at Cape San Blas. I had only walked about thirty yards on the sand when I saw Greg La Rock painting at his easel and the sand dunes in front of him with the distant figures, and I knew I'd found my subject.
Lots of people came on to the beach to watch the artists in action, and it was so much fun chatting to everyone.

I have now framed this painting and dropped it off at the wetroom which is a fabulous temporary exhibition space where artists will drop off their still wet paintings each day and the public can view and purchase them.

Remember if you'd like to see more photos have a look for my Facebook page - Haidee-Jo Summers artist


  1. I really like this one Haidee, glad the sun is shining for you.
    Joy x

  2. Lovely painting Haidee. it looks like greg as well. All the best Haidee.


Thank you for your words!

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