Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Venice exhibition

Caffè Florian 15" x 19" £495

Pink sky over piazzetta 15" x 19" £495

Santa Maria Formosa 15" x 19" £495

Gondolas on the grand canal 17" x 17" £495

Although I haven't been posting much lately, I have been busy! I've hand painted and finished all these frames above because the paintings are going to take part in an exhibition at the Mine gallery, Carshalton in the London borough of Sutton. The exhibition is on for the whole month of March and I know it's going to be a fantastic show with work by Wapping group members Derek Daniells, Michael Richardson, Karl Terry and John Stillman and other great UK plein air painters such as Valerie Pirlot, Roy Connelly, David Bachman, Tim King... I'm sure there are many more but they are the names that spring to mind!

We all love to paint in Venice you see! It's going to be beautiful work, I promise you won't be disappointed if you can visit.
You might be hard pressed to leave without buying a painting though!

I decided to drive down with my paintings, it should have taken three hours each way according to my sat nav. Actually with roadworks and delays it took me about four and a half hours to get there and then I had to turn around and drive straight back - another four hours! It made me think of my friend Lori Putnam in the US who has just driven eleven hours to paint snow - the things we do! Mind you, Lori was with friends so I'm sure that journey was lots of fun ;-)

Information about the gallery can be found here!

Tomorrow I'm teaching a 'painting cats in acrylics' workshop at Fulbeck, starring my gorgeous ginger and white Charlie (although he won't be there in person!). There are still spaces on several of my day workshops this year, you can see which ones by looking at my website www.haideejo.com



  1. Oh they look fab Haidee in their lovely frames! Hope you sell loads and good luck with your workshop, I cant wait for mine!! smiley!!

    1. Thanks Joy! Will be great to see you here for the workshop! :-)

  2. Well done with the hand painting of the frames,colour choices are great, i wouldnt have a clue!
    I will try and get to London to see this exhibition on my return from Morocco.
    Do you know if its an annual open exhibition - i would be interested in submitting in future years.

    1. Do go to see it if you can David, I think it's going to be great. We're hoping it's going to be an annual thing. What a great reason to have to go to Venice every year!

  3. Your paintings and frames look gorgeous...good luck with the show!

  4. Best wishes for the show. I'm sure it will be a huge success!


Thank you for your words!

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