Wednesday, February 13, 2013

SAA Manchester event

Here are some photos from the SAA's Manchester event last Friday and Saturday. It was a very busy and packed two days and I met a lot of lovely people and between us we used a lot of lovely Winsor & Newton Artist's acrylic paints, and my helpers cleaned up a lot of mess and washed a lot of brushes!

All new and ready to go! Friday at 9am

Seven 45 minute workshops throughout the day

Friday and Saturday -lots of lovely people

My name on a bucket! 64 dirty brushes, seven times a day.  Thank goodness for Colin!

Now I'm in the middle of birthday week - three birthdays in our house within six days! Today I've been varnishing paintings ready to frame and send off to galleries. Managed to get the smell out of the kitchen before my daughter's birthday tea! 


  1. Hats off to you Haidee-Jo for lightning courses! Love your work and I imagine you really energised your students. Philippa

    1. Thank you so much Philippa! Each session was like a mini marathon! :-)

  2. Fantastic pictures from Manchester, three cheers for Haidee! I can't believe you did it, you must be totally exhausted. But you can't get away without showing us one of the demos, please....

    And I love it when you show all the new paintings lined up on the table all varnished and ready to frame. I want to just walk in and pick out my favorites and bring them home.

    1. Thanks Bobbi! It would be nice if you could pop round on varnishing day but I expect it would take you a couple of days to get here! :-)


Thank you for your words!

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