Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Self portrait with iphone

Self portrait with iPhone

Try as I might, I can't get a good photo of this recent self portrait! This is about the best I can manage! And here's a closer look...

I rather like it, the way that most of my face is in shadow, and I'm wearing my painty apron. Of course I look serious, it's a self portrait. It's concentration. It's what comes of staring at yourself in the mirror for a couple of hours. Remember this one I did a few weeks ago? I like that too. The pink ear especially with a bit of a glow about it. 

I'm almost ready for Manchester, I have a couple of hours in the morning to pack and get my last few jobs done. I'll try to blog when I'm away...


  1. I love it Haidee - great placement of the head to give you your full height, ahem...but why the iphone? Must have been tricky to paint with a brush in your right hand, then swapping for a phone - see me after school and I'll tell you how to make things easier...

    1. In reply to myself, it's a mirror image of course so your right hand is your left hand, durrrgh! Still no brush in the hand though...still see me after school.

  2. Well done, portrait artist! I do like the previous one best, but I think that's mostly because of the pose, the tilt of the chin and that look in your eye...

    Good luck in Manchester, I know you will wow them. I wish I could be in one of the sessions, I'm sure it will be fun for all. My thoughts will be with you.

  3. Bonjour,
    Heureuse de vous retrouver... et en personne !!
    De très jolis autoportraits. Il n'est pas aisé de se peindre... Bravo
    Gros bisous à vous.

  4. Wish I was nearer Manchester, have fun, and hope you dont end up with 'artist's elbow'!
    Oh, and I like the sencond portrait, but not the phone, better cropped.

  5. A very strong portrait, oozing attitude.

  6. Great work, self portraits are very hard and you make it look so easy!


Thank you for your words!

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