Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Rialto bridge in early morning fog

Rialto bridge, early morning fog  16" x 8"
What do you get when you add one day's travelling plus three days of sickness plus one lovely family day plus two days of admin and a fab Christmas meal out with friends?
You get me, desperate to get a paintbrush back in my hands, that's what!
After spending half the morning cleaning the studio (yes very necessary after the cats have been left to their own devices in there for two weeks!) I spent the afternoon painting a self-portrait and I really really enjoyed it. Right from the beginning when I was squeezing out the oozy colours on to the clean freshly oiled palette. Ahh!
I couldn't get a photo of it because it's been dark here since about 3 o clock but I will show you it soon.
Tomorrow I'm going to be at the SAA headquarters all day shooting a little web clip video. Should be interesting! I think I'm going to demo how to prep a board for painting on. The video will only be four minutes long so I didn't want to take on too much!

This is another foggy Venice piece. Painting this I was standing on a narrow strip of pavement near the Rialto bridge (on the market side) which ends in a dead end just around that corner. I've stood in this spot and sketched on a previous visit. It's quite a private place because not many people walk past. Those that do soon pass back again when they realise they can't get anywhere.
On this particular morning the tide was very high. The water was almost level with the pavement, maybe two inches below. This made me a little nervous, and when a large boat passed nearby it also made me play 'jump the waves'.

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  1. I love this one, all the angles, and the ethereal look. Beautiful.


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