Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ponte dei Pugni

From the Ponte dei Pugni, looking towards Campo San Barnaba £285 
Another from last week's trip to Venice. I painted this one standing on the Ponte dei Pugni (which means bridge of fists), looking towards Campo San Barnaba which is one of my favourite spots in Venice. The large white building you can see on the right hand side is the Church of San Barnaba.
The ponte I was painting from is a bridge with an interesting history though - in the 17th century rival clans used to meet here to fight. In fact there are four footprints marked in stone, one on each corner of the bridge, to show where opponents should stand! Apparently the bridge had no railings at the time so you can only imagine the shouting and jeering and mayhem going on as grown men fell into the murky canal below. I bet it was quite a spectator sport.


  1. I love this square and the view you have captured so beautifully with all those reflections. . I have never been brave enough to paint on a bridge, too exposed!! Am I correct in thinking the Fruit and Veg boat is just behind you? How did the new palette work out? S

    1. The fruit and veg boat is immediately in front of me, to the right ie closer than the gondola. I'm looking past it although it's a subject in itself that boat!
      The Open Box M worked out great! I've got the hang of it now you'll be pleased to know!
      Dare I say it, I think I've got the hang of the tripod aswell!

  2. This is lovely! It really takes me back to Venice. Do you think November is the best time to go, if painting is your goal?


Thank you for your words!

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