Thursday, December 6, 2012


Self portrait November 2012
Here's the self portrait I did yesterday which I am actually pleased with. The brush strokes are really me, and it looks so painterly which I love!
The lighting conditions varied a great deal throughout the two hour session. With it being a winter afternoon I started the portrait with natural daylight coming through the windows and the warm electric lights on, and when I finished it was completely dark outside so I was totally reliant on the warm lighting.
My favourite bits are the orange on the ear, and the wispy bits of hair.
It's received lots of favourable comments on Facebook today which is nice, with some people remarking on how serious or stern I look in it. Well I have to tell you all my self-portraits have always looked intense and serious. It's called concentration! Try peering at yourself in a mirror for two hours while attempting to capture what you're seeing in that reflection on canvas, all the while trying not to shift position, and colour mixing and the rest... and I think you'll see the same 'self portrait expression'!
I had a really fun day in the SAA's tv studio filming the web clip. I don't know whether the edited four minute video will be any good or not but one things for sure- you'll be the first to know! :-)


  1. Great and lively portrait, love the colours and brushstrokes. Indeed a bit stern looking, not the image I get from your profile pictures. But then again ... many artists have that same look on self portraits ... I just thought of one by Lovis Corinth I recently saw again. But of course Van Gogh and many others also spring to mind ... so your in (very!) good company :-)

    1. Thank you Rodney, it's the stern look of concentration!

  2. Je suis ravie de vous retrouver après plusieurs semaines d'absence.
    Quel merveilleux autoportrait. Effectivement il ne doit pas être simple de poser pour soi durant des heures et de capturer les traits et l'âme en allant à l'essentiel...
    J'aime votre touche et les couleurs qui vous avez si talentueusement utilisées.
    Très joli travail, bravo !

    Gros bisous


Thank you for your words!

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