Sunday, June 24, 2012

St Malo in the rain!

Carousel at Saint Malo

Rain again!
Here I am, safely arrived at the hotel in Douarnenez, and trying to figure out the wifi on my phone so that I can get my blog to you!
We had the morning in Saint Malo to paint and guess what? Umbrella came in handy again!
It poured it down!
I managed about an hour and a half on painting this carousel, being splashed by passing cars! Then I had enough of wetness and squelched back to the coach with a sandwich!
We travelled all afternoon and Douarnenez is wet too, but looks a place full of potential subjects. After dinner I thought my evening was over but quelle surprise! It stopped raining and a wonderful sunset appeared in the soggy sky and sea, so I popped outside again and painted two little'uns.

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