Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coming back to earth

My TV interview with Anneka Rice

I confess, I'm having difficulty coming back down to earth after events at the weekend! I'm also having difficulty writing my blog post tonight because really, what can ever compare?! And yet, I don't want you thinking I'm ignoring you, so here's a brief review of what I've been up to post Millennium bridge...

I've been sorting out my sodden kit from Sunday, which was hurriedly stuffed into various bin bags as I left the bridge (proving once and for all that tv filming isn't glam!). The umpteen brushes that I'd used got cleaned with special love and care. Tubes of paint got dried, rubbish got thrown. Palette still drying as we speak.

I've found a link to the BBC news page featuring the work of many of the artists on the bridge...

I've enjoyed very much reading Katherine Tyrell's lovely jubilee blog post on her Making a Mark blog.
My favourite quote of the day is "This is the essence of British plein air painting spirit'!

I've been looking at funny little clips about me in local newspapers -

 How lovely and sunny it is on those photos! If only...!

I've been working on a third painting, a larger canvas based on the two I did on the bridge - putting them both together and finishing it off a bit! I really don't want it to look too tight - hence I am really nervous of spoiling it - hence it might become too tight...
If it works out well, you'll be the first to see it. If it ends up a disgrace well, just forget I ever mentioned it, ok? Deal!

I've been painting and waxing frames and fitting in these two paintings, and have driven them to Patchings art centre today where they will be exhibited in The Artist exhibition in the Barn gallery, from June 14th to July 22nd.

Painting from the model

Union jack tea party


  1. Wow what a fantastic job you did under those terrible conditions.Your painting is outstanding!!!
    I tried to watch the coverage back here in Australia but fell asleep but I thank you for putting the link above so I could see all the paintings.
    I love ALL the plein air paintings you did while you were there, congratulations and thanks for sharing your experiences!!!

  2. J'espère que vous reprenez peu à peu vos esprits... Vous venez de vivre une si merveilleuse expérience...
    Je vous félicite pour votre merveilleux travail et votre talent.
    Gros bisous.

  3. I thank you for all the blog work you did before, during, and after the Jubilee. I have loved following it. Your painting is superb as is. It amazes me how you could nail those colors and values under such bl--dy awful conditions. Take a well deserved rest.

  4. Hi Haidee. I think I'm still on a high from Sunday too! It doesn't seem to go away that quickly. Good to hear you're working on another Pageant picture, I've just started a bit of drawing on the theme this morning.

  5. Loved all your stuff about your participation in the big event. Your communications are inspirational.


Thank you for your words!

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