Saturday, June 30, 2012

Oyster sellers at Cancale

Oyster sellers at Cancale

We left lovely Douarnenez early, and arrived in Cancale at lunchtime, with extremely changeable weather throughout the afternoon, including downpours, wind and periods of sunshine.
This all made the sky pretty dramatic and I tried hard to capture what I was seeing, as quickly as I could.
I feel this is my best painting of the week.
We are now in Port en Bessin which again is a hugely inspiring place! Very much a working port and utterly magical in the light this evening.
Fingers crossed for good weather tomorrow because I can't wait to get started here!


  1. A stunning piece. It would be the best picture of most weeks.

  2. Beautiful painting! Love your plein air work!!!

  3. Brilliant painting Haidee!
    I love the urgency of this and loose brushwork, you get a real feeling of energy with this work. Love that sky!!

    1. Thanks Nigel! Urgent was the word as the sky was changing so quickly and so dramatically! ;-)


Thank you for your words!

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