Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas market at dusk

Christmas market series no 3 - market at dusk

I love this one, it's got such mood and expression and again that economy of strokes which is what I'm always striving for - how to say more with less.
This is such a good time of year to reflect on where your work has been and where it might be heading in the year ahead. I'll certainly be giving some thought in the next few days to personal objectives and projects in the year ahead.

My biggest project in 2015, which I'm very excited to tell you about, is that I'm going to be writing a book about oil painting and I'm going to be starting on that very soon. I'm so excited! I'd love your help with that, if there is anything you struggle with or think should be included in the book then now is a great time to let me know as I'm only just beginning with ideas of topics to cover. Although the book will be written specifically about oil painting I want it to be full of painting advice that you can take to any subject and other mediums also. 

And very soon on my blog I'll be doing my annual review, as I find it really helpful to look back over the year past before making plans for the new year ahead. So in the meantime I can only say that I wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling new year, and I look forward to seeing you in 2015 :-)


  1. So glad to hear about your book - really exciting. It will be a winner!

  2. What a glow, ... !!

    What size is this work?

  3. Love this piece. Very strong design. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us.

    1. Thank you Karen, I love seeing your work too - here's to a brilliant new year!

  4. Another lovely piece of art Haidee, A book, what an exciting project it's bound to be a winner! Ideas ..... How to compose a good design, not putting to much detail in, but getting to the main centre of attention. And also, How to start an oil painting. Some may have heard 'Thick over thin' but for a beginner it doesn't always help, seeing your paintings grow from very thin turpy washes will clear that bit up I think. It did for me as I'm mostly a Watercolourist who would love to paint oils like you. Tonal contrast is an obvious one but getting a really good dark without using black and using colours in shadows, for a novice these could be useful, I'm on the waiting list for your book! Oh. Plus, loads of photos of your lovely paintings.
    Love Joy xx

    1. Absolutely brilliant Joy, just what I wanted! Some of the things you mentioned come up time and time again and I'll certainly do my best to address them in the book.
      Thanks so much for everything and have a brilliant new year xx

  5. I've been really enjoying your year review, and what strikes me most in these fabulous paintings is your use of colour in shadows. It's part of the painting that really has it's difficulties for lots including me, so if you could explain that in your book, I for one would be much appreciative.
    And just creating shadows with their own perspective is sometimes missed. How you achieve this with use of colour again could be useful. Also, you reflections are just something else! Helping us to achieve anything close to the magic of your work would be SO helpful.
    Much love Haidee, love Joy


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