Monday, December 29, 2014

A holiday snow day!

Snow over Wilsford
12" x 16" Oils

In between the fun and feasting and visits I was able to get out locally and paint the snow that had fallen overnight - such excitement after not having had snow here for at least 20 months!
I didn't have a suitable board prepared with an under colour, so I had to start with a white surface for this one which I don't really like to do. So I used some glaze medium mixed in with the paint and turps for the first stages adding thinned blues and purples, very much like a watercolour technique. 
This was dry enough to add thicker lighter paint on top within the hour, without any difficulties.

Painting in situ

A Boxing Day sketch, family watching TV


  1. Lovely lovely lovely, this is what I mean by getting an Anglophile, thses sight are so breathtaking and lovely to paint, ... in any season i'll guess, very well done!

    I notice that you lay in your paints onto something, can't see what it is but it looks like a piece of carboard?? Could you tell something about that?

    Beware of the coffee btw. hehehe ;-)

  2. Interesting Boxing Day sketch - not sure about the gesture from the fig on left! (says a lot for such a few pencil lines). Like the landscape. Best wishes.

  3. Oh Haidee, you never rest thankfully for us, we can just lie back and enjoy your lovely work, I love the sketch too, so little but saying so much, wish I could draw like that. Looking forward to next years creativity, have a good one Haidee, and everyone,
    Love Joy xx

  4. Love the sketch and the gesture ;-) Happy New Year!


Thank you for your words!

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