Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pep talk!

September issue The Artist magazine

I forgot to tell you about a little article I'd written for The Artist magazine about 'Staying motivated'. I think we all need a little pep talk from time to time don't we? Sometimes you might get despondent about not being selected for an exhibition or disappointing sales or turnout but I urge you not to stay in that frame of mind for long, but believe in yourself and let it spur you on to achieve greater things! These things are just a test of your determination and strength so you know what the song says ... when the going gets tough the tough get going!
This is in the September issue which is also the magazine that features my 'Sails up' on the cover - woohoo! It's pretty much impossible to find in shops now because they've sold out, but you can still buy a copy if you'd like one by clicking here.

In the October issue (which magazine subscribers will be receiving any day now and will be in UK shops soon) I have an article giving a little advice about working from photographs. It talks about pitfalls to look out for, planning for success and my methods for combing the use of photographs together with plein air studies to produce new work in the studio.

October issue The Artist magazine
Painting from photographs


  1. Thank you for sharing this, Haidee-Jo. I will hunt down a copy.

  2. I loved this pep talk, need to read it daily! Three of us go out painting together and this really has helped all of us gain a bit of confidence. Plus we are choosing things to paint that we wouldn't have done a while ago. Plus reading your blog of course! X


Thank you for your words!

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