Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Drying in a sea breeze

Drying in a sea breeze
Oils 12" x 16"

Here's a lovely calm painting for you from this summer in France. It's one of the many new paintings I'm framing up this week for my new exhibition
There are frames all over my studio and my lovely friend Imogen has been here all day painting them for me while I try to get a few paintings finished off and signed. 

I've managed to write a newsletter at last - I discovered that it's really easy to do through my website, although it has no frills and I can't add pictures so it's not a permanent solution. It is however a terrific way to give you a brief overview each month about what I'm busy with so if you'd like to be added to the list just send me your email address and I'll pop you on.

Another new discovery is how to add a 'store item' to my website so at the moment you can buy my lovely 2015 calendar direct from there using your Paypal account or credit card and this is just the start... I will be adding some paintings and cards but not yet... large show to get ready!
Take a look at my 'store item'!


  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    J'aime énormément cette dernière peinture... Vous aviez une perspective très intéressante.
    La lumière inonde votre oeuvre.
    Je suis certaine que votre prochaine exposition remportera un vif succès.
    Votre calendrier est un véritable petit bijou.

    ♡ Gros bisous ♡


Thank you for your words!

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