Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fabulous studio gadget

Waste not, want not

Every now and then something very cool comes into my life that I want to tell you all about, because I think you will love it too. I've recently invested in a tube wringer and I'd certainly have got one sooner had I known how easy it makes completely emptying a paint tube - saving every precious drop for the palette!

Crinkle cut

It was fairly expensive to buy but it will save me so much paint that would otherwise have been wasted, and when you use professional and handmade paint you know that's well worth saving.
Not only is it economically sensible but it is SO much fun to crinkle up your tubes like crisps!

All wrung out

I warn you it's strangely addictive... and it was one of those purchases that I wasn't sure when I ordered it how much I would actually use it...

The tube wringer is made in the US so I'm sure it will be easy enough to purchase if you live over there, and here in the UK it is available to buy from Jacksons Art ... and no, I'm not getting paid commission! Click here if interested :-)


  1. Oh yeah, I love mine. Have had it for years and is invaluable, a must have artists tool.
    I have seen references before from artists in the UK on getting products over there. Is it hard to get some because the art stores there don't offer them?

    Keep paintng...

    1. Thanks David, it is hard over here to get some of the great plein air stuff that you have in the USA, eg my open box M which comes from America, and the lightweight panel holders, and lightweight panels. Plus we get a lot of European sizes here and I prefer inches!

    2. Thanks for your posting about the paint-squeezer. This reply to David kind of answers my further query about the tool you are painting from on your photo on your blog page, which I presume is the US open box you refer to. It looks just the thing I've been looking for instead of dragging trugs of equipment around but I've never seen one here in the UK. Oh well, will keep on looking!

    3. Hi Debra, you can order the open box M and they'll deliver to the UK, it just incurs extra postage costs and customs charges of course. See

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Merci pour ce partage... Un appareil effectivement intéressant d'obtenir à l'atelier... J'ai acheté il y a quelques années un lot de 3 clefs. Cela fonctionne bien aussi.
    Voir ici :

    Je vous fais de gros bisous ♡

  3. Ah yes! You have the same one I have! When I first got it I excitedly squeezed all my paint tubes, then the toothpaste, then the hand lotion!!! Fun stuff! Readers should know the best ones have a metal, not plastic crimper. The plastic ones slip.

    1. Thanks Karen! It's the first thing of it's kind I've ever bought, glad I chose well! :-)


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