Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter holidays

Port Clos at low tide

I'm now with the family on Bréhat for the final week of the Easter holidays and we've been blessed with sunshine so I'm going to be taking it a bit easier for a few days. Having said that in the two days we've been here I've managed three not quite finished paintings of which this is one. I'm hoping to take this one back down to the port for a bit of finishing off at the same time of day at some point this week. I like the zig zag lines of the causeway and the ropes and the seaweed coming across to the boat from the left. When I started painting this the sky was overcast but later the sun came out giving me those lovely spots of sparkling light on the wet sand in the foreground.
This is oils on a cradled wooden panel, 14" x 10".

There are spaces available on a full day seascapes workshop that I'm running at the Old Bank studios, Harwich Essex, on Saturday 26th April. The £65 for the day includes a delicious lunch and refreshments as well as colour photos and notes to take home from the day. If you think you'd like to join me you can book with Old Bank studios, or if you know anybody in that area who might like to come please let them know about it too. Thanks!


  1. Bonjour,
    Une oeuvre magnifique ... Un endroit idyllique où la lumière flirte admirablement avec l'eau et le sable.
    Je suis certaine que beaucoup vont assister à votre cours.
    Gros bisous à vous. Je vous souhaite de joyeuses fêtes pascales.

    1. Merci Martine et joyeuses pâques à vous et votre famille

  2. So glad you are back on the flowering rock. I'm thinking of you in the sunshine and warmth, while it is still so cold here in New England. The zigzags are so nice in this, great composition.

    1. We've been so lucky the last few weeks Bobbi, hopefully a sign of the summer to come!


Thank you for your words!

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