Tuesday, December 17, 2013

ROI Portrait Masterclass

Portrait of Kit, limited palette
I had a great day in the new learning centre at the Mall Galleries in a portrait masterclass led by Ian Cryer PROI and Tim Benson VPROI. This painting of Kit was using Tim Benson's recommended simple portrait palette of titanium white, lemon yellow, cadmium red, ultramarine, raw umber and alizarin crimson although I hardly used any crimson. I enjoyed the challenge of Kit's silver and grey hair, I found it very colourful. It was quite difficult  to take photos in the room but it gives you the idea. In this one you can see the model and also that's artist Julie Cross working to the left of me.

In this photo you can see artist and blogger Penny German at work -

A very quick one, about 15 minutes

About 45 minutes for this one

I'm looking for volunteers who are coming to my exhibition in Nottingham in January (8th to 18th) to sit for me to paint their portrait, in oils or watercolour. I'm hoping to book one person in each day for a sitting, so please contact me via email if you'd like to be involved. You can email me at thedrawingroomgallery@gmail.com

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